• English

    Lingua Franca of our world,the language of the British Empire,the language of saints,kings and queens,poets and philosophers,inventors and navigators,economists,statesmen,the language spoken by the majority of the people of this planet,the language of this dear England,this Blessed Spot,this Island set in the Silver Oceon,the language of Shakespeare,Milton,Wordsworth,Keats,Shelley,Byron,Tennyson,Carlyle,Queen Elizabeth,Queen Victoria,Sir Isaac Newton,Christopher Wren,Churchill,William Pitt,Edmund Burke,Dr Johnson,of the English people who gave the world the first railway,underground station and an endless list of great men  and women who were the beacons of glory and hope.Well,it is now the mother tongue of so many races,nations and cultures that learning the language is a must today.We teach English through your mother tongue.Feel free to mail to us.