• Tamil

    A very ancient as well as young language of the Dravidians in South India,mother language of Telugu,Kannada,Thulu,Malayalam and others,the language of the great Chola Empire from the Southern Penisula to Indonesia,a classical language on par with Greek,Latin,Arabic and Hebrew and closely connected to Japanese and Chinese in grammar and sentence structure,the most alive and kicking among the ancient Greats,just look at the Tamil films released annually to admire its youth and vitality,the language of Saint-Poet Thiruvalluvar,Epic poet Ilango,Kambar,and Subramanya Bharathi,the language of three of the four Nobel Prize winners of India,the language of statesmen: Kamaraj,Anna,Rajaji,M.G.R,the language of classical singer M.S Subbulaxmi,the language of Padmini,the cine artiste and danseuse par excellence,the language of such ace sports  stars such as Ramanathan,Vijay Amrithraj,Dhanraj Pillai and Vishwanathan Ananth,the language of missionaries.Tamil is the custodian of so many ancient classical arts in glow today from time immemorial. Tamil is the gateway to the civilization and culture of the proud Dravidians currently known as South Indians. Why not give a try today?