• Exams


    Currently the most popular examination conducted by the University of Cambridge and IDP of Australia meant to test the proficiency in English language is an essential requirement for studies and jobs abroad. The International English Language Testing System is accepted by many universities and employers all over the world. A candidate could opt for General or Academic training as instructed by the universities.While candidates for higher academic pursuits had better do academic module,those opting for immigration and  jobs abroad would go for general module. A candidate is usually expected to score not less than Grade 6 in Listening,Speaking,Reading and Writing sills.


    A popular examination especially for those planning to go the U.S.A for studies,Testing of English as a Foreign Language conducted by Princeton University demands a good deal of accurate knowledge of English grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure. Lately,pencil and paper examination is being replaced by Computer-friendly option.A candidate aiming at good scores had spend not less than  three months improving vocabulary,speed reading and flawless grammatically structured writing skill.


    Graduate Grade Examination, a must for admission to renowned universities in the West requires mastery of English language, thorough grasp of grammar,understanding of sentence structures,sound vocabulary,analytical ability and critical reasoning.It goes without saying that the candidate must assume the role of a gladiator to win  the game.We recommend that a candidate find enough time,sustained interest and develop a killer instinct to crack the examination.


    With more and more employment avenues for those who acquire managerial skills to steward Multinational Companies and successful,failed and failing enterprises,Graduate Management Aptitude Test makes demands on the candidate’s knowledge of economics,finance,labor management and ability to turn hostile industrial climate to favorable win-win stuations. Those who are serious about making it to top grades had better read a lot about management skills and learn to handle crises in industry.

    Special Aptitude Test required for admission to many American Universities is highly demanding.Anyone who is earnest about tackling it must be willing to work hard to acquire a creditable vocabulary,master sentence structures,correct incorrect sentences,master sentence structure and develop good reading skill and writing skill.All one needs is to find time,sustain interest and work it out without getting frustrated.Remember,only in the dictionary success comes before work!